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Tyler Brûlé on Canberra

Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé shares his thoughts on Canberra:

Canberra: while the sparkling new airport gets high marks for first (and lasting) impressions, the capital’s central business district leaves a lot to be desired. With seemingly every other shopfront available for lease, a lack of proper landscaping and no shortage of well-paid civil servants and diplomats, a smart developer should seize on a stretch of streetfront and kick off an urban renewal initiative. [via FT]

It appears that he probably checked out somewhere like Garema Place without venturing to places like New Acton and Braddon where there’s definitely an urban renewal initiative going on. In fact, I remember thinking that I should email them about Canberra for coverage in their ‘The Urbanist’ podcast. Canberra’s a pretty great place these days.

The Change We Weren’t Expecting

It’s been a while since a good update on this site, and a lot has happened since then.

We’ve recently sold our lovely little home and moved into a beautiful big home just up the road. It’s probably three times as big as our townhouse, the boys love it!
I feel a little guilty for keeping the boys cooped up in such a small place for so long, but Braddon was good to us and we definitely have some great memories there, we will miss it (especially the location!) The best thing about this new house, apart from it backing onto a nature reserve is the incredible winged lion above the fire place, it’s awe inspiring! (apparently it’s the symbol of Venice?)

We were already outgrowing the old home, but the real catalyst for the move is that we’re soon expecting two new additions to the family. Yep. Twins. Such a massive surprise for us. We initially found out that T was pregnant and we got used to that news pretty quickly, we could easily deal with another. For sure, we would need a bigger house, but maybe not for another 6 months to a year and we could keep our current car, we could carry on our merry way.

The first scan we had changed everything, there were two little heart beats in there. What a mind blasting experience that was, absolute total shock. I just couldn’t believe it, how on earth were we going to cope, how could there be TWO in there!?  I don’t think I’ve ever had such crazy news.

It’s been a while since that first scan and we’re both genuinely happy to be having twins, we’ve been slowly working through the details like the house (yay new house!). I think the car is next, which is annoying because there aren’t really any ‘cool’ people mover out there – we’ll probably end up with a Kia Grand Carnival (or maybe a Nissan El Grand!), but that’s the reality, and when the twins arrive I’m sure we won’t even care what car we drive, as long as we all fit and we’re all safe and comfortable.

I’d like to try and document this journey as much as I can, I think it’s going to be fun, challenging and crazy. We probably won’t sleep for the next two years and we’ll age about 10, but we’ll have an awesome little family unit and our lives will be so much better for it.